In the project H.E.A.L.T.H ϕ life, the students of Cyprus, France, Romania, Greece and  Bulgaria  will share and work in collaborative activities to present their own way of being healthy and fit. After presenting themselves and their schools, they will make surveys within their school communities. They will work in international teams to create their ideal healthy and fitness diary program. A website and an e-book will be presenting their work.


Aims :

  • To create their ideal healthy and fitness diary programme

  • To improve their communication skills in a foreign language

  • To learn to work in teams

  • To develop creativity

  • To enhance their ICT skills

  • To develop intercultural skills

  • To enhance their European citizenship


The students will work in national and international team. The school school community will also questioned
October : Presentation of the students
November : Presentation of the schools + Quizzes
December : Brainstorming “What can we do to be fit?”
January-March : Surveys, creation of their ideal healthy and fitness program
April-May : creation of the final productions : a website and an e-book

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